Binance referral ID is one of the reasons why Binance exchange platform is so popular throughout the world. Alongside its advanced tools and a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, Binance referral code is one of its highly appreciated features. It lets traders have a decrease in fees up to 40% and save a huge amount of money, therefore it provides a very useful program. So here’s all the information you need about what is Binance referral ID and how does a Binance referral work?


    What Is A Binance Referral Code?

    When it comes to crypto money, having the best tools and effective save-up systems is very essential to get the best of the market. Binance provides a referral ID code which can be used to have discounts on both Binance Spot and Futures market transactions, for all of its traders to ensure that. Using a Binance referral link is very helpful for formal users and new registrants at the same time. It means that when an invitee makes a transaction, it will get a discount that has been defined by the inviter beforehand and the inviter will receive a kickback for the invitees’ trade.

    Binance Referral ID: Y53Z2GAZ

    How Do I Get A Binance Referral?

    Binance Referral Code
    Binance Referral Code

    Binance not only incentivizes cryptocurrency traders who join its referral program to have amazing discounts on fees but also, supplies to take a huge amount of kickback money from all the new users they invite to the platform for a lifetime. So it is a highly participated feature and here’s a step-by-step guide to learn how to get a Binance referral code for registration.

    • Although it’s a very common program, most traders wonder about how to register with a referral ID to Binance exchange.
    • To start the Binance referral ID program, you should sign-up to the platform with a code.
    • First of all, go into the Register section through the top right side of the Binance homepage.
    • Then enter your e-mail or mobile phone number and choose a strong password.
    • There is a tab below that you could enter a referral code (optional), fill that tab with the code. If provided, you could click on the referral link as well and the tab will be filled automatically.
    • Approve you have read the terms of service and start enjoying the discounts for fees.

    How Does A Binance Referral Work?

    Binance Referral ID
    Binance Referral ID

    Binance exchange is mostly seen as a way ahead of many other exchanges. Among the great deals it supplies, one of them is very efficient in ensuring traders get the best trading fees, so here’s a great guide on understanding what is Binance referral ID and how it works. Registering with a Binance referral ID means havinga discount of up to 20% for new users, which is a good commission rate. New users could also save an extra 25% in fees when they use BNB for trading. So it makes a total 45% decrease in terms of the cost of Spot, Margin, or Future transactions.

    In addition to that, Binance referral link supplies its owner unique benefits as well. According to the Binance referral program, you could get a fee discount for every member who signs up with your ID and could get a kickback bonus from other members’ trading fees. The more people you share your referral ID with, the more chance you take to get comeback money. In this program of referral ID Binance provides everyone to get a commission discount of up to 20% which is chosen by the code owner.

    • The inviters who hold more than 500 BNB in their accounts, could get a 40% commission rate of which they can choose to split %0, %5, %10, 15% or 20% of with their friends and take the rest of it as a bonus for themselves.
    • On the other hand, the inviters who hold less than 500 BNB in their accounts, will have a 20% commission rate and they can split it to the people they invite as a ratio of %0, %5, or %10.
    • Users who want to save another 25% in fees, could use BNB for buying and selling transactions. When this additional save-up and Binance referral discount come together, create a great deal of discount (25% + 20%) for traders.
    • Binance also gives a chance to its influencers to participate in an affiliate program, without having to hold a lot of BNB in their wallets. Following that, people who have invited more than 500 users will have a 50% base commission rate. And then they can share up to 20% of it with the invitees.

    Binance Referral Code: Y53Z2GAZ

    How Do I Find My Binance Referral ID?

    One of the very commonly asked issues is the “how do I find my referral ID” question. Once you create your account on Binance exchange, you could start sharing your unique Binance referral codeto get a bonus income. But first, you need to generate and share it with your invitees.

    • To do that, click on the dashboard option under the account icon above the homepage.
    • Then, click on the “Referral” option to get your referral ID code or link.
    • In this process, choose a ratio for commission rate both for yourself and your invitees, then generate your referral link.
    • The next step is to generate new codes for different discount groups or people if needed.
    • You could now share your desired links to others or copy and paste them to other platforms to spread among different people.

    In sum, Binance referral ID provides a solid discount in all actions for life, and using BNB for fees makes the most of it. Participating in both programs is very essential to save the most of the fees and get the comeback money. This win-win system makes Binance one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.


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